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GameThread for Game 2 of the ALDS: Rangers @ Jays

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Game 2.

I'm sure today's game will go better than yesterday's.

Good news, Donaldson and Bautista are in the lineup.

Today's Lineups

Delino DeShields Jr. - CF Ben Revere - LF
Shin-Soo Choo - RF Josh Donaldson - 3B
Prince Fielder - DH Jose Bautista - RF
Mitch Moreland - 1B Edwin Encarnacion - DH
Elvis Andrus - SS Troy Tulowitzki - SS
Josh Hamilton - LF Chris Colabello - 1B
Rougned Odor - 2B Russell Martin - C
Chris Gimenez - C Kevin Pillar - CF
Hanser Alberto - 3B Ryan Goins - 2B
Cole Hamels - LHP Marcus Stroman - RHP

You all know the rules by now. Mostly don't be terrible (it seems like a small thing to ask). No arguing with the Mods, you have a problem, email Tom, but in the thread, let's not debate rules. And just an add, if you only want to come into the GameThread to say 'game over', don't bother. Remember Blue Jays fan site.

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