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Blue Jays lose game 2 of the ALDS in 14 innings

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Depressing loss.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Rangers 6  Blue Jays 4 (14 innings)

That 14th inning, with LaTroy Hawkins was the most nerve wrecking of my life. He got two outs, both nice catches by Jose Bautista. Then an infield single to Roughed Odor. Donaldson made a nice play but was just late on the throw. Gimenez followed with another single. Bautista threw behind Odor and almost got him. He got back to the bag but his foot seemed to slip off. After a long long review they ruled safe. I really thought it should have been out, but I'll agree that it might have been too close to call.

Hanser Alberto singled and the Rangers were up.

Liam Hendriks came in, but Delino DeShields hit a ground ball to short, that he beat out easy. A routine ground ball, but with his speed, safe. Rangers up by 2 and the Jays with only a half inning to tie or better.

We couldn't tie it in the bottom of the inning. Troy Tulowitzki struck out on a pitch off the plate inside, when the catcher was set up in the outside (a call that you never see). Smoak struck out. Then Russell Martin leaned into on to bring the tying run to the plate. But Kevin Pillar struck out chasing to end the game.

In that first inning, I really thought we were snake bit. nothing seemed to be going right. Bautista drops a ball he had in his glove (yeah he hit the wall had). Another ball bounces off Ryan Goins' glove. Ground ball to Colabello and he doesn't step on first, when he had tons of time to, but he throws home to get the runner and Russell Martin, for some reason, doesn't chase the runner back to third, instead throwing to Josh Donaldson. It went off Josh's glove and the runner scores.

Thankfully, and finally, we got a ground ball to Colabello an he (after a moment of thinking) tagged the runner coming to first and ran right at the runner who was half way home but the runner from second had moved up to third so Chris just chased him down and tagged him for the double play. Smart work by Chris, he should have thrown to Martin, but don't throw if you don't have to.

Unfortunately, it was 2-0 by then.

Josh Donaldson got us a run back, in the bottom of the inning, bringing rain for the first time this series.

The Rangers got the run back in the top of the second. Rougned Odor walked (he's quickly becoming my least favorite player with a stupid name. The next batter, Chris Gimenez, ground out to Stroman, but Odor noticed no one was covering third and got in just before a Donaldson tag. They reviewed it but he was safe. Hanser Alberto popped a fly into right center. Kevin Pillar's throw was just a fraction late.

After that Marcus was lights out. In total 7 innings, 5 hits, 3 earned, 2 walks and 5 strikeouts.

We scored 2 in the bottom of the 2nd. Troy Tulowitzki reached on an Alberto error. Colabello followed with a ground rule double. . Martin hit one off the wall to center which, surprisingly was only a single and only one run scored. We did get the tying run on a Kevin Pillar double play ball.

We pulled ahead, in the 5th. Pillar led off with a double. Ryan Goins bunted him to third and Ben Revere singled him home.

The Rangers tied it up in the 8th. Delino DeShields had a soft single to center (Stroman's last pitch of the game). Shin-Soo Chin bunted him to second. Cecil got Prince Fielder to strike out, but pinch hitter Mike Napoli singled DeShields. Maybe they should have gone to a right-hander for Napoli. I don't know, I trust Cecil. Cecil picked Napoli off to end the inning, but he hurt his leg in the rundown.

After that it was dueling bullpens:

  • Roberto Osuna threw 2 scoreless innings.
  • Mark Lowe got 2 outs (with 2 walks).
  • Aaron Loup came in with a runner on second and got Josh Hamilton to fly out to end the inning. He also got Odor to fly out to start the 12th.
  • Aaron Sanchez looked great going 1.2.
We hit 2 pitches into the 5th deck, both foul by not all that much. Edwin Encarnacion hit a fly to dead center in the bottom of the 13th that would have won the game. If we could have had just a little luck.......

We seemed to be getting the short end on any close strikes, it just seemed like the Rangers could get the call on the corner or up high or inside and we didn't.

John Gibbons just said that Cecil has a 'significant tear' in his calf. That doesn't sound good.

Man I'm depressed. It was just a depressing loss, not much more to say. If you want me, I'll be drinking.

It isn't over, but it won't be easy.

We had 3508 comments in the GameThreads (and just a couple of really stupid ones) Eric H led us to, well, defeat.

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