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SB Nation Offseason Simulation: Blue Jays Perspective

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation's off-season general manager simulation officially gets underway Sunday night. Minor Leaguer was desperately hoping to hire Alex Anthopoulos to negotiate the mock trades and signings, but unfortunately no agreement was reached with Bluebird Banter ownership. As a result, I will be representing the Blue Jays in the simulation.

The simulation rewinds to the beginning of the offseason, meaning club options have not yet been decided. Qualifying offers are due on Monday morning, so Marco Estrada has not signed an extension in this scenario. If tendered a contract, arbitration eligible players will be assigned their salary based on the projections. I have received a recommended budget of $135 million.

Key Upcoming Decisions Include:

  • Should Marco Estrada Be Extended A Qualifying Offer?
  • Should R.A. Dickey's club option be exercised?
  • Should Justin Smoak, Steve Delabar, and Michael Saunders be tendered contracts? 
Trades cannot be made until Sunday night, but conversations have already started. I have heard of one blockbuster deal being agreed upon, but no trades as of yet for Toronto. My main goal is keeping things fairly realistic, so Mike Trout probably will not end up a Blue Jay. 

Feel free to follow along on Royals Review! Transactions will be posted there once the simulation officially begins. I am currently focused on improving the rotation, and finding the odd bench bat. Feel free to post any ideas in the comment section and I will be sure to consider them.