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Hall of Fame Poll: Ken Griffey Jr.

Would you vote Ken Griffey Jr. into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Before the bat flip, there was the helmet flip.
Before the bat flip, there was the helmet flip.
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Ken Griffey, son of Ken Griffey, had a terrific 22 year career in the MLB.

He finished with a .284/.370/.538 line, 630 home runs(6th all time), 1836 RBI (18th) and 2781 hits (50th). Baseball Reference credits him with a career 83.6 WAR.

He was on 13 All-Star teams, won 10 (in a row) Gold Gloves, 7 Silver Sluggers  and 1 MVP Award.

The best part of his career was his 13 seasons with the Mariners.(he hit .293/.374/.553 with 417 home run, with the M's). He wasn't quite as good with the Reds (.270/.362/.514 with 210 home runs). And he had part of a season with the White Sox.

That he played in the majors on a team with his dad is pretty cool.

I am curious to see how close to 100% of the vote Griffey gets. I imagine, since there are more than 10 deserving players on the ballot, that the odd Writer will leave him off, knowing that he will make it and preferring to give votes to others that might come up short.