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Mock Offseason Simulation Day 1: Aaron Sanchez "Headed" To Pittsburgh

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation's off-season general manager simulation is now officially underway. Trade talks started yesterday morning, but no moves could be finalized until 8PM tonight. The mock offseason has barely started, but I have already upset possible ace Marcus Stroman by sending his good friend to Pittsburgh. Hopefully he forgives me by the time spring training roles around.

Today's Mock Offseason Trades:

To Pittsburgh: RHP Aaron Sanchez, 1B Justin Smoak, RHP Steve Delabar, OF D.J. Davis, LHP Matt Smoral.

To Toronto: LHP Francisco Liriano, 3B Ke'Bryan Hayes, LHP Stephen Tarpley. 

Pittsburgh was looking to get younger and potentially move salary, and it was quickly brought to my attention that Liriano was available. After numerous attempts to land younger and more controllable starters fell through, I looked to acquire Liriano to shore up my rotation ahead of free agency. The asking price was Aaron Sanchez, who is controllable through 2020. 

I am a big fan of Liriano, but I was hesitant to pay for just two years of control. He makes nearly $14 million in each season, so I was not sure if there was a ton of surplus value at first glance. He does not pitch very deep into games, but he has kept his earned run average under 3.4 in each of the last 3 seasons. His batted ball profile looked to be a strong fit in the Rogers Centre, and I was without a left-handed starter. 

To offset the difference in years of control, I asked for a top 10 prospect in the Pirates system. Many prospects were quickly ruled out, but we soon came to an agreement that Hayes would be included in the deal. Recent draftees can now be traded after the World Series, and I was intrigued by the upside that Hayes provided. He is still 18, so having Josh Donaldson already did not factor into the decision. To get Hayes included, I agreed to part with two "lottery tickets" in D.J. Davis and Matt Smoral. 

Pittsburgh also showed interest in Justin Smoak and Steve Delabar. I would have non-tendered both players, so I was happy to get even a little bit for the duo. I did not have top prospects to choose from, and I considered Tarpley to be the most intriguing prospect I could get from Pittsburgh. 

To Oakland: LHP Shane Dawson

To Toronto: RHP Evan Scribner 

I began talking to Oakland about a possible trade involving Ben Revere. That trade did not come to fruition, but during the process I identified Evan Scribner as a guy I had interest in. He is arbitration eligible this offseason and is projected to earn $700K. Scribner is coming off a major injury and has a career 4.21 ERA out of the bullpen. However, he is expected to be ready for spring training. 

Scribner's strikeout and walk numbers are terrific. He has been extremely homer prone, but I am hoping that is just the result of a small sample. He was not extremely homer prone in the minors, so I am hoping this problem to date is mostly a fluke. Oakland was looking for a somewhat interesting prospect in return, and was intrigued by the left-handed Shane Dawson.

Club Options

Club options were exercised for Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, and R.A. Dickey. Maicer Izturis' option was declined, resulting in a $1M buyout.

What's Next?

I have been talking to a few teams about acquiring an outfielder. As a result, there is a possibility that Jose Bautista moves to first base. Ben Revere is being shopped around, though nothing is close at this time. I plan improving my pitching staff in free agency, and I am also looking to add a backup catcher. 

Feel free to follow along and let me know what you think in the comments! I am open to hearing any suggestions and ideas you may have.

Updated Roster

SS Tulowitzki R
3B Donaldson R
RF Bautista R
DH Encarnacion R
1B Colabello R
C Martin R
LF Revere L
2B Travis R
CF Pillar R
OF Pompey S
INF Goins L
UTIL Hague R
C Soto R
OF Saunders L


SP Stroman R
SP Liriano L
SP Dickey R
SP Roark R
SP Hutchison R
RP Osuna R
RP Hendriks R
RP Cecil L
RP Loup L
RP Scribner R
RP Tepera R