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Monday Bantering: Blue Jays Links

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There is very very little out there for Blue Jays news:

On the weekend, Shi Davidi told us that the entire Jays coaching staff will be back next year. Not a surprise, but, when guys are on one year contracts, you never know what might happen.

Jeff Blair wonders if Josh Donaldson will get a long-term contract offer this winter. Josh turns 30 next month. He can't be a free agent until the 2019 season, and he'll be 33 then. I don't really see the point in giving him a long term deal that locks up his first couple of years of free agency yet.

Jeff Moore took a look at the Jays prospects playing in the Arizona Fall league. The most interesting is Rowdy Tellez:

The most talented among the Jays contingent, Tellez is using his time in Arizona to continue the tremendous progress he made during the season. Once a bad-bodied, pull-happy future DH, Tellez has gotten himself into better shape, worked hard to become a competent first baseman, and is developing into a better all-around hitter.

He's not a big fan of Emilio Guerrero:

There are times that Guerrero looks like the most talented player on the field, showing off plus raw power, good athleticism for a 6'5" frame, and a plus arm. More often than not, however, the end product is a mess. With no approach at the plate and poor game instincts, Guerrero continues to fall short of the sum of his parts while still offering enticing glimpses of what could be.

He also mentions Roemon Fields, Jeremy Gabryszwski, Chad Girodo, Brady Dragmire and Justin Shafer, not speaking glowingly of any of those 5.

Baseball Prospectus also looks at players in the AFL, the only Jay mentioned was Tellez:

After a bit of a breakout campaign in the Midwest and Florida State Leagues last season, Tellez has continued to hit well during the AFL, piling up a strong .303/.349/.500 line in 19 games. Tellez has the type of raw power that can play in the middle of the lineup, and he's made some tweaks to his swing to allow him to make more contact without sacrificing his power. The road to the big leagues as a bat-only first base prospect is a daunting one, but Tellez has already made some of the necessary adjustments to navigate that journey.

And Bob Elliot throws out a name that might be in the mix for the next Jays GM, Ross Atkins. The suggestion is that he wasn't in on the Indians' team organizational meetings, which, as VP of player personnel, you would expect him to be in on. Unless, of course, the Indians figure he will be following Mark Shapiro to Toronto.

The Jays are having a press conference with Marco Estrada and Tony LaCava tomorrow. I can't imagine anything of interest will come out of it.