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Vote for the SB Nation Pitcher of the Year

Not that I'm campaigning.
Not that I'm campaigning.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we asked you to vote on Batter of the Year, today it is Pitcher of the Year.

How you choose which is best is up to you. I'll list a few nominees, your job is to vote for the one you think had the best 2015 season.

Once we vote, the powers that be, in SB Nation, will take our votes and the overall SB Nation Pitcher of the Year will be chosen based on that voting.

We have three more polls. Here is the schedule.

Weds, Nov. 18: Defensive play of the year (we vote on just the Jays)
Thurs, Nov. 19: Bat flip / Celebration of the year (we vote on just the Jays)
Fri, Nov 20: Best Breakage of Unwritten Rules (we vote on all of MLB)

The next three, I'm open to suggestions, let me know, in the comments, who you think we should nominate.

So give us your vote and thank you for your participation.