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Blue Jays announce their promotions schedule

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays have announced their 'promotions and events' for the 2016 season, complete with 5 bobbleheads.

Some highlights:

  • April 8: Rally Towels and Magnet Schedule
  • April 10: 2015 AL East Division Championship Pennant
  • April 24: Bobblehead, player to be announced
  • May 5: T-Shirt giveaway.
  • May 8: Russell Martin Replica Jersey
  • May 29: Delgado, Bautista and Wells Trio Bobblehead
  • July 3: Bobblehead (player to be announced)
  • July 7: Tee Shirt
  • July 10: Alumni Replica Grey Jersey
  • July 24: Bobblehead, player to be announced
  • July 31: Ballpark Beach Bash and Hawaiian Hat Giveaway
  • August 14: Stieb, Hentgen and Halladay Trio Bobblehead
  • August 28: Red Blue Jays Shirt
  • Sept 25: Fan Appreciation Weekend, Toque Giveaway

Any that you are particularly interested in?

Also, the Jays have their full spring training schedule released. If you perfer Spring Training Connection has it in an easier to read format.

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