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Hall of Fame Poll: Mike Piazza

Would you vote Mike Piazza into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Mike Piazza
Mike Piazza
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It is Mike Piazza 's fourth time on the Hall of Fame ballot, he had 69.9% of the vote last year, which is coming pretty close. Piazza is where the one that the BBWAA bug me the most, someone said he had back acme and that's enough for a conviction with the Writers fine sense of justice. By that logic I was using from age 13 to age 30. It is just stupid.

Piazza was probably the best offensive catcher of all-time. He holds the all-time record for home runs as a catcher.

Over 16 seasons, Piazza hit .308/.377/.545 with 427 home runs, 2127 RBI in 1912 games.

He was Rookie of the Year in 1993, played on 12 All-Star teams, won 10 Silver Slugger awards, got MVP votes 9 times, never winning but coming in 2nd twice, 3rd once and 4th once.

Mike has an offensive WAR of 59.4, good for 121st  all-time among position players. He also caught 2 no-hitters.He wasn't thought of as a great defensive catcher. I wonder if more modern metrics would like him better.

A pretty amazing career for a guy that was drafted in the 62nd round and, at that, only because Tommy Lasorda was his Godfather.

Since, I'm not convinced he used, and I do think that, even if he did use, he was so good that he should really get in.

He also had a couple of run ins with Roger Clemens. He was hit in the head by a Clemens pitch, which put him out of the lineup with a concussion. Then, in the World Series, Clemens threw a piece of a broken bat in his directions. Clemens said he was throwing it to the bat boy, but I don't know why he would throw a broken bat that hard at a bat boy. Anyone that gets on Clemens' bad side gains extra points with me.