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Blue Jays trade rumors: Toronto interested in Indians starting pitching

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Morosi of Fox Sports provides us with some interesting Jays news:

The Indians rotation features Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco, Danny Salazar, Trevor Bauer and Josh Tomlin. Cody Anderson and T.J. House are also potential possibilities. The Blue Jays have a clear need for starting pitching, so moving an outfielder to bolster the rotation could make some sense. You have to figure Mark Shapiro knows the Indians pitchers extremely well. 

Kevin Pillar, Dalton Pompey, Ben Revere, and Michael Saunders are the Blue Jays outfielders that would fit this criteria. I cannot see the Blue Jays trading Jose Bautista anytime soon. Pillar is coming off an extremely strong 2015 season, so the Jays could be trying to "sell high" on him this offseason. If Pillar stays in Toronto, the Jays could deem Dalton Pompey expendable, who did not receive much playing time at the MLB level. In a smaller deal, trading Ben Revere could free up payroll space. Though it would be selling awfully low, the Jays could move Saunders if they do not have a role for him in a crowded outfield.