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Help us pick the Blue Jays best bat flip/celebration of the 2015

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Today's SB Nation award vote is bat flip/celebration of the year.

I really have no understanding of people that don't like players celebrating when they do well. There are really not enough good moments in life, we should celebrate them.

1. Jose Bautista. To me it begins and ends here, the bat flip that inspired the award (and it's own tee shirt).

2. But I love this celebration too. Ryan Goins walk-off home run. No bat flip but he looks surprised and then thrilled. And his teammates look so happy for him.

3. I love this celebration too, on Josh Donaldson's 3rd walk-off home run of the season, in part because of Jose Bautista's bat flip in the on deck circle.

4. Edwin Encarnacion's Parrot Walk deserves his category. But what I love the most about this celebration is Edwin telling the guys to be gentle on his shoulder.

5. Bautista again, enjoying hitting a home run after O'Day throws behind him.