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Hall of Fame Poll: Curt Schilling

Would you vote Curt Schilling into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Since we are waiting to hear if Donaldson won the MVP, let's do another one of these polls.

This is Curt's 4th time on the ballot, last year he hit a high mark of 39.2%.

Schilling had a 216-146 record but things seem to click for him at age 30. After he turned 30 he won 162 games, winning over 20 haves 3 times, finishing 2nd in Cy Young voting 3 times and making 6 All-Star teams.

He has 3 World Series rings (we beat out his Phillies in 1993 or he would have 4). He was co-MVP for the 2001 World series. And you likely remember the 'bloody sock' from 2004. In 19 playoff starts, he is 11-2 with a 2.23 ERA.  A good part of case for the Hall is his performance in the playoffs.

Course there is some post career stuff.. He's a outspoken Republican, actually, he's likely a good bit to the right of most Republicans. He rode his video game company into the ground, costing himself a fortune. Recently he was suspended from ESPN for comparing Islamic extremists to Nazis (which, to me, doesn't rank in the top 10 silly things he has said). Now, saying that a 'blood moon' is a biblical warning against a nuclear treaty with Iran? That's one's pretty nuts. I really don't think that any of that should come into a voter's mind when voting.

On the plus side he is a fan of OOTP Baseball: "The only baseball sim I've ever gotten addicted to" was OOTP.