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Help us pick the best breakage of unwritten rules in 2015

I think there should be an unwritten rule not to look like such a creep at all times.
I think there should be an unwritten rule not to look like such a creep at all times.
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The last of the SB Nation awards is "best breakage of unwritten rules".

You know, I could care less about 'unwritten rules'. Most of them are a way for old baseball players to complain about young baseball players. 99% of the time it is old guys being jealous that young guys have talent and are good enough to have fun occasionally. Baseball has been the same for over 100 years, old players have always been jealous of young players and have to make up reasons why they aren't as good as the old were back in their day.

It always seems to be guys complaining about very talented players.

I have no idea how to be picking the 'Best Breakage of Unwritten Rules'

But anyway....some cases of unwritten rules:

1. Now Jonathan Papelbon figures that Bryce Harper, in the midst of an MVP season, broke an unwritten rule about running to first (really he was mad about Harper breaking the unwritten rule of never suggesting that Papelbon did something wrong). I really think there should be an unwritten rule saying 'do not choke your teammate, on camera, in the dugout'.

2. Jose Bautista's bat flip. Apparently, Sam Dyson figures he broke an unwritten rule, 'don't enjoy winning'. Teams losing often think the winning team shouldn't celebrate.

3. So Jason Garcia throws behind Jose Bautista. Bautista paid them back the way he usually does, and enjoyed the home run. The Orioles figured Bautista enjoyed the home run too much. Again, jealous, like David Price says 'you don't like it pitch better'. To me, the unwritten rule should be 'don't throw at Jose'.

4. I don't know what this was about but Kyle Seager called time, and Jared Weaver didn't like how he did it, I guess. And Weaver threw at Seager. I think teams should have an unwritten rule about players not getting themselves kicked out of games for entirely selfish reasons. Stolen Researched from Grant Brisbee.

5. Breaking up a perfect game by putting your elbow in the way of the ball? Now, I'm all for that being against unwritten rules. If I was the next Nationals pitcher facing Tabata, I'd likely find a way to come inside and hard. Also stolen researched from Grant Brisbee.

6. Madison Bumgarner doesn't like when batters swear after missing a pitch. This time it was Carlos Gomez, but Madison has been mad at other batters for much the same. Personally, if it isn't hurting you, why get upset, but that's the world of unwritten rules.