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Robert Murray, at Baseball Essential is saying that the Blue Jays is 'far and away' David Price's first choice of who to sign with. Murray also talked to Dean Blundell about Price.

I think we all say that Price enjoyed being here. He talked about never pitching in an atmosphere like Rogers Centre in his career. He seemed to get along well with his teammates, right from the very start. And I'm sure he doesn't mind pitching for a team that scores runs in bunches.

The question is do the Jays want to give him the contract he expects. He turned 30 last August. He's likely going to get a contract around $30 million a year for 7 years. I don't know that I'd want to be paying him $30 for his age 36 season.

Murray tells us...

According to a source with direct knowledge of the situation, Price and his agent, Bo McKinnis, have made it clear that playing in Toronto for the Blue Jays is "far and away [Price's] first choice."

Price loves Toronto and "relishes" the attention he is getting as a superstar, which he may not get elsewhere, making Toronto his top choice, the source said.

The thing about saying stuff like this is that it really doesn't mean all that much. If 'far and way his first choice' means he'd take less money or less years from the Jays than he would from another team. If the Jays are only willing to go 6 years and someone else offers 7, does that mean he'd take the Jays offer? It is easy to say Toronto is his first choice, but if it takes the Jays, at least, matching the top offer he gets to sign him, then it really doesn't mean all that much.

This will be the big contract of Price's career. He's going to want to get as much as he can out of this shot at free agency.

It is a tough choice for the Jays. That Price likes it here and says nice things about the city and the fans, there is a value to that. He won't be the same pitcher in 7 years, but he seems smart enough to learn how to pitch with less velocity than he has now.

And signing him would buy Mark Shapiro some good will. Which never hurts. It really does seem like that it is up to the Jays , if they wanted to offer him the right contract, he'd likely signs. In fact:

There are some extras in it for Price, Blue Jays fans have offered him a lot of add-ons to his contract.

On top of the Price rumors, there are people saying that the Jays are really after Zack Greinke. He might be looking for a slightly shorter contract.

How much would you be willing to offer Price?

Update: Ken Rosenthal thinks the Jays are out of the bidding.