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RIP Toronto Blue Jays Ballpark Passes

I have received confirmation from the Blue Jays ticket office on the report that first surfaced on Reddit (and in an Andrew Stoeten post) today: the club will not be offering their Ballpark Passes in 2016. For the handful of us lucky ones who were allowed to purchase them the past two seasons, this is a sad moment.

But it was not entirely unexpected. For the past two or three seasons the Ballpark Pass has been like an ill grandparent--we loved it, we didn't want to let it go, but we knew that the time was coming. It was probably the best deal in professional sports--I'm not sure if anyone can beat $95 for 80 games in a top league--and the team saw a big spike in attendance on their way to the postseason so we all saw this coming. I am happy to see it never come back again if it means the Blue Jays won't ever drop down to the 10,000-ish attendance numbers we've seen in the past two decades.

Thank you, Blue Jays, for letting me enjoy 20-30 games a year for the past many years. The Ballpark Pass will be missed.