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Red Sox sign David Price on a seven-year contract worth $217 million

So we'll march day and night/By the big CN tower/They have Dave Price/But we have great power.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Although the people of Toronto opened up their hearts to David Price this season, the Boston Red Sox opened up their wallets and got the free agent ace by giving him a seven-year contract worth $217 million, which represents a $31 million average annual salary, according to the Boston Globe's Peter Abraham. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports later added that there is no deferred money but there is a three-year opt out (likely a player option).

Dave Dombrowski, who traded for Price from the Rays and traded Price to the Jays while with the Tigers, have now re-acquired the left hander by handing him the largest contract ever given to a pitcher by the Red Sox.

Having someone within the division sign Price, especially the hated Red Sox, is going to be hard for Blue Jays fans everywhere, but just remember: they can take away our pitcher, but they can never take away our memories, or our scooters, or our bathrobes, or our popcorn.

The Red Sox will play the Blue Jays in Montreal on April 1 and 2, and then in Toronto on April 8-10.

Hey, we still have the hope that the Blue Jays would sign Zack Greinke, right?


According to TSN's Rick Westhead, the Blue Jays did not make an offer to Price. We can use this quote and go all #CheapRogers and #FireShapiro and all but if the discussion all along was in the ballpark of $31 million per year then why would the Blue Jays even bother giving an offer of something they can afford? The front office isn't going to just go out and make a offer they know won't be accepted just so they can leak it to someone so the fans would be less upset. (At least they shouldn't do that, right, Diamondbacks?)

There will be a lot of angry people and stupid comments coming every which way so for the next few days I suggest you to avoid social media and all sports outlets except for this website, where we have our ban hammers locked and loaded.

And here we have his salary structure. Insane to think that the Red Sox are giving him that opt-out, and that there is actually a chance Price could get more than the guaranteed after three good years.