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Question Time

Jorge Soler
Jorge Soler
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

We did this with each of the AL divisions (WestCentralEast and the NL East), so lets try the NL Central. There are some good teams there.

If you could take one player off each NL Central teams and put him on the Jays, who would you pick? We will look at the other divisions later. Don't worry about about contracts, we'll figure how to pay them later, but future value would be something to consider.

The Cubs seem the interesting team to me. Arrieta? maybe....he is 29,he'll be 30 before next season.  Kris Bryant? Yeah maybe him. Maybe Anthony Rizzo. But Jorge Soler and Addison Russell have a lot of potential too. They have a few good choices.

Anyway, give us your picks.