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Tuesday Bantering

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

I'd really love some actual Blue Jays news....or rumors or anything really.

Biggest baseball news around is that baseball isn't reinstating Pete Rose, which, since the guy still hangs around with bookies, isn't a surprise at all. I don't even think he thinks there is a case for ending his ban.

I was in Vegas a few years ago and he was signing things at a sports memorabilia shop and I almost talked myself into a signed Expos jersey, since it didn't cost all that much more than an unsigned jersey. Or, as I was told several times, he would sign a ball with 'I'm sorry I bet on baseball'. I honestly think he would have written anything I wanted, if I just would hand over $20. It seemed like a sad way for a former MLB great to be acting. But then, it is his choice. If he gave baseball any chance at all, he would have been reinstated, but he didn't.

Beyond that?

Johnny Cueto signed with the Giants, $130 million for 6-years, with the the ever popular opt out clause.

Rays gave J.P. Arencibia a minor league which really doesn't seem like a bad idea to me.

The Jays have been talking about their Bisons' starting rotation, which right looks like Scott Diamond and 4 days of rain. It would be pushing things to move Reid-Foley up that far, at least at the start of the season. I'm not sure what the rest of the plan is, but it would be nice to have some guys that could fill in when injuries happen. I know, 'win now' people hate to hear about small moves (which makes you wonder how they lived through Alex's minor league signings and waiver pick ups last year.

And a reliever or two might be ok too.

Use this as an open thread to discuss what ever interests you.

Shapiro and Atkins come in at a tough spot. The team is lacking prospects to trade and, with the dollar, it seems pretty unlikely there will be much for big free agent signings. But then, they have the best offense in baseball, and a better rotation than the team started 2015 with.

Maybe they could give us a Christmas present in the form of Bautista or Encarnacion extension? Right now I'd take any news.