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Christmas gift ideas for the Blue Jays fan in your life

Come share some Christmas gift ideas.

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Christmas is coming up quick and I don't know about you, but I'm really not ready. So I figured we could share some Christmas present ideas for the Blue Jays fan.

I really like Chris Ripley's Blue Jays art. I own a couple of pieces, but there are always more I'd like to get. Maybe this one:


As always, I think all the baseball fans on your list should have their own copy of Out of the Park Baseball. And OOTP 16 is 50% off right now. It is an especially good gift for someone who you've decided you don't want to see leave the house for a month or two after Christmas. It can be very addictive. If you are buying for a hockey fan, you might look at Franchise Hockey Manager 2.

I think these guys, Taylor Chair Company, are making some fun looking chairs, though their website isn't up and running yet, but take a look at this:

Baseball books are generally at the top of my want list, but this year I can't find any that I really need, anyone got any ideas? Here are some of my favorite reads of the past year:

Big Data Baseball, an interesting look at how the Pirates made the playoffs after 20 losing seasons.

Up, Up and Away. As a former Expo fan, I really enjoyed Jonah Keri's book on the team.

Billy Martin Baseball's Flawed Genius. It is a bit of a long read and I could have done without being told all about his childhood, but Martin lead a very interesting life.

In the non-baseball area, I'm reading The 100-Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window and it has been a fun read so far.

I love you know someone that would be happy to watch any or all baseball games, it would be a great present. Or if you know someone who will be in Paris and the bar he went to,that was supposed to have the game is showing rugby instead, with he could watch the game on your phone, if the bar has decent WiFi (just as a totally hypothetical example.

And last, but obviously not least, are some a baseball tee shirts that everyone should own.

Link to purchase t-shirt

Jose Bautista Bat Flip

Link to purchase Kevin Pillar t-shirt

Link to purchase Canada's Foul Balls t-shirt

Unless, of course, you want to get something for me. If you do, well, I just happen to be planning to ride in the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer. 200 k of biking in two days, which is a lot further than I've ever got on a bike before, but I've been working out and plan to keep hitting the gym all winter. Then when spring comes around, I'll be on bike a fair bit, trying to build up to where I can do 200 k.

I am raising money for Cancer research. Cancer seems to have touched us all. we all have friends or family that have battled cancer. So, if you have a few extra dollars, I'd appreciate any help in getting to my goal. Click on the link below.