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Mark Shapiro continues endear himself to Blue Jays fans

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Shapiro isn't going out of his way to make Blue Jays fans warmly embrace him:



I'm not sure how much grass would help provide a 'compelling' fan experience either, but we've grown to like the idea. I've never truly believed that it would be possible, but I wouldn't tell a fanbase that has been talking about great for at least a couple of year now, that it isn't going to happen until I had been at the job for a year or two. might want to talk to some of the people in the PR department before you  make statements like this. They would tell you to tread careful here.

Shapiro has kind of started his Blue Jays' career off in a hole, losing a very popular GM in the first couple of weeks. And there is a pretty large percentage of Jays fans that figure he should have signed David Price at any cost. Now this....

Next week, Shapiro is going to telephone children of Blue Jays fans to tell them there is no Santa.

Oh and this is the Winter cross Canada Tour: