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Blue Jays claim Junior Lake

He leans left.
He leans left.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

You know we are deep into the winter lull for news when we start getting these waiver claims.

Today the Blue Jays claimed Junior Lake off waivers from the Orioles. Lake has had 624 major league at bats, over 3 seasons, hitting .237/.278/.377, but had good numbers in Triple-A last year, hitting .312/.405/.449 with 40 walks and 69 strikeouts in 292 at bats, split between the Cubs and Orioles AAA teams.

He's out of options, but I'm sure the Jays figure they will be able to sneak him through waivers, since the Jays are a long way down the waiver priority list.

He's played all three outfield spots in the majors and has played every position except for catcher and pitcher, in the minors.

Beyond that, well, Minor Leaguer would like you to know there are 250,000 lakes in Ontario, so now there are 250,001 (actually over 250,000 lakes, but that doesn't help the joke). I wonder if any of them are named Senior Lake? Am I up to 150 words yet?

I know Win Now folks will complain about Shapiro, but we get these pickups every off season. I wouldn't expect to see him in a Blue Jays uniform, except in spring training.


No Spring training invite, another minor league arm.

Update 2 (Minor Leaguer)

The Blue Jays have also re-signed righty Scott Copeland to a minor league deal along with lefty Pat McCoy and right hander Roberto Hernandez, a.k.a. Fausto Carmona. Depth!