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Question time

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

All the news about Jonathan Papelbon re-doing his no-trade list, and keeping the Jays on it, has me wondering about who would be on our personal no-trade list, which player would you not want on the Jays, even though he is talented, just because you dislike him as a person.

I'll admit Papelbon is at the top of my no-trade list. NBC Sports has a post on him saying:

Though Papelbon continues to rank among the game's elite hurlers, the veteran's age (35), lengthy no-trade list, $11 million salary, and notorious personality will make it difficult for GM Mike Rizzo to trade him.

Notorious personality isn't the phrase I'd use. Noxious personality would come closer. Though I doubt I'd want to trade for any 35 year old closer who would cost $11 million, but I've always disliked him. He would be a guy I wouldn't be able to cheer. Add in that I wouldn't want any player who would decide that choking the best player on his team was a good idea.

I'm not a huge believer in team chemistry, but I'd hope that players on my team, if they have problems with each other, could talk it over away from cameras and without laying hands on each other.

Who would you never want out the Blue Jays?