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Boxing Day Open Thread

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There isn't much or, for that matter, any Blue Jays news out there (but then, the way these things generally work, as soon as I hit post, there will be news), so lets just have an open thread to chat about what ever people want.

About the only interesting thing out there is Hardball Times look at how many days each MLB team's players spent on the DL. The Jays were 9th from the bottom, around 800 days lost to the DL. And we only had 2 pitchers hit the DL, a league low.

Over the past 3 seasons we are 11th from the top in total days on the DL. After reading Richard Griffin tell us how terrible the turf is for players and how 'countless' time is lost because of the stuff, I'm surprise that we aren't at the top of the list.

Looking at the 15-year totals, the Jays are just below the mid point, 17th in days lost to the DL. I'm really not seeing the how terrible the turf is for injuries.

The team having the most time lost to injuries, over the last 3, 5, and 15 years? The Rangers. Maybe they should put in turf?

Did you get anything Jays or baseball related for Chirstmas?

Unusual for me, I didn't get anything really baseball related. I did get a boxed set of DVDs of the ESPN 30 for 30 series. There will be a few 30 for 30 marathons happening over the next couple of weeks.

I did get some interesting looking books: The Comedians, a kind of look at the history of stand up comedy.Emperor of the North, a history of the Hudson's Bay Company back in early Canadian history. And a book on cycling, which I'm going to be doing more of this year.