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Today in Wood Ofs: Alex Anthopoulos planned to try to keep David Price

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Early Thursday morning, Fox Sports' Jon Morosi reported that his sources have told him that, had Alex Anthopoulos continued to be the Blue Jays' general manager, he would have offered David Price a contract, even though it is kind of unlikely that it would've beat the Red Sox's offer. So while #CheapRogers' lackey, big bad Mark Shapiro, failed sign Price and didn't even make a losing bid, Anthopoulos would've simply failed to sign Price.

Predictably, Morosi's Twitter mentions blew up after that tweet, with the Blue Jays' fan base replying with calm, well-thought-through tweets:

"Har har, Jon, nice try!" said one.

"In the end, would it have mattered if the Jays don't win the bid?" someone asked.

"That is a bit speculative and in the end unprovable, but I do understand that, perhaps hearing a whisper from a good contact, the need to attempt to get people's attention to click on the link that leads to your article because the company you work for makes money through advertisements, and more people viewing your article would lead to greater profits for your company, and hopefully in turn, allow you to feed and shelter your family. However, I don't believe that pieces like this are very constructive or helpful." replied another, using several tweets to fit the response.

And since the website you are currently reading is also interested in people viewing advertisements, this post has been created for you to react!