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Open Thread for Winter Meetings Day One

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Winter Meetings have started at Opryland Hotel in Nashville (I'd love to go to Nashville for the music and maybe a little guitar shopping). It looks like a great hotel.

There are always tons of rumors that come out of the Winter Meetings, though I'm not sure what the Jays might do.

It looks like the Jays have lost Mark Lowe, he's signed a 2-year deal with the Tigers. And Chris Young has re-signed with the Royals.

In rumors, the Dodgers are rumored to be trying to trade for Aroldis Chapman and for Jose Fernandez, though they would have to give up a lot to get him.

And, not a rumor, but an interesting story, Jonathan Papelbon has filed a grievance against the Nationals for suspending home at the end of the season, after deciding to choke the soon-to-be NL MVP Bryce Harper.

Anyway, use the thread to discuss any rumors you might hear or anything else you are interested in.