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Blue Jays rumors: Edwin Encarnacion sets spring training deadline for signing extension

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Of course this would come from a Boston media site, but:

According to multiple major league sources, Encarnacion will commit to becoming a free agent if no extension is worked out with the Blue Jays by the end of spring training.

And, the Red Sox would like to have him to replace Ortiz. I hate any rumor that has anything to do with the Red Sox.

Edwin has been one of the best sluggers in baseball, over the past few years. And he was signed to a very team friendly contract. I'd doubt he would want to sign another team friendly contract.

But he's also turning 33 this winter and, playing DH and first base, he would make it harder to move Jose Bautista to one of those spots (presuming the team would want to give Jose an extension too).

I don't know how long of an extension he would be wanting. Four years? That would take him from age 34 to 37. I'd be more comfortable with a 2 or 3 year extension. It is a tough call. And whatever Shapiro and company do, there are folks who will decide they are wrong.

What would you offer Edwin? And what would you consider too much? I love watching him play, he'll always be a favorite of mine (unless he becomes a  Red Sox).