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Open Thread: Winter Meetings Day Two

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Lots of rumors, but not much action for the Jays, in day one of the winter meetings. I have a feeling that's how things are going to be this week.

There is a complete transcription of Gibby's time with the media up on from yesterday. I enjoy Gibby's interviews, he seems to actually try to give answers.

And TSN has a bit of an interview with Alex Anthopoulos, with him saying the Jays are in a good place going forward, talking about how much better the defense is than it has been and Alex saying that he doesn't know if he would have signed Price.

Outside of the Blue Jays, there was a fair bit of news, most of it centering on relievers, whose value seems to have sky rocketed in the past few months.

And a Aroldis Chapman trade was cancelled when news that police were called to his home on a domestic violence call, back in October. It looks, at least from the outside, that the Reds were trying to trade him before the news came out.

Use the thread to discuss any new or rumors that interest you.