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Open Thread: Winter Meetings Day 3

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Lots happened yesterday during the winter meetings, but the Blue Jays seem to be sitting it out. In fact, if Alex was still GM, it has been so quiet, I'd be sure there is a big move about to happen. With the new guys, I'm thinking nothing will happen until later in the winter.

What did happen:

  • The Diamondbacks traded for Shelby Miller, sending Ender Inciarte, Aaron Blair and Dansby Swanson to the Braves.
  • Ben Zobrist signed with the Cubs for 4-years and $56 million.
  • The Yankees send Adam Warren and Brendan Ryan to the Cubs for Starlin Castro.
  • Braves signed Tyler Flowers, 2 years plus an option, $5.3 million if the Braves don't take the option, $9 million if they do.
  • And, this morning, it looks like Adam Lind is going to the Mariners.
About the closest to Jays rumor is Bob Elliot says the Jays 'have interest' in Brewers Jean Segura and Jonathan Lucroy.