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Want to chase the Blue Jays around this summer?

Here is the Blue Jays travel plan for this season.

You want to chase the Blue Jays this summer, this is the flying you will have to do:

2015 travel

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That's 26563 miles of flight, roughly 42,750 kilometers. This doesn't include their preseason trip from Dunedin to Montreal.

It puts the Jays right in the middle of the pack for miles in the air. The Mariners, of course are the ones that fly the most, being in the air 43,281 miles, just short of 70,000 km. That would be pretty close to flying around the world twice.

The Rays are the AL East team that will travel the most, going 35,824 miles (57650 km). That's what they get for being way out there in Florida, if they were smart they would move to somewhere closer to the other AL East teams, say Montreal?

The Jays do have some long flights, going from Toronto to San Francisco. And returning home, on that road trip, from Seattle to Toronto. And then there is an August flight from Philadelphia to Anaheim.