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Marcus Stroman's molecular structure is destabilizing, possible DL time?

I am allowed to make whatever crazy statement I want to in the headline of this article because I ended it with a question mark.

I am no doctor but I say that would require some time on the disabled list.
I am no doctor but I say that would require some time on the disabled list.
Via Twitter @MStrooo6

Injuries are understood to be a part of the game of baseball, but it is always tough to see young, promising pitchers go down with a condition that is potentially career-threatening. On Sunday afternoon, Blue Jays starter Marcus Stroman posted a photo of himself on Twitter that has caused me great concern.

Looking at the photo I believe that Stroman is possibly looking at starting the season on the disabled list because it appears that his molecular structure is destabilizing. I hate to speculate but as a baseball blogger with a science degree who has read more than one article on biomechanics, I believe that I am almost qualified to make medical diagnoses based on still photos posted online. Currently it is not known whether the symptoms show up only when he pitches or whether these quantum fluctuations occur when he is off the mound.

Could the root cause of this extremely rare condition be a violation of Pauli's exclusion principle (which limits how many great pitchers' pitches one single human can have) stemming from Stroman's set of ridiculous pitch comps?

More to come.