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Baseball Prospectus: Jays system MLB's 10th best

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of weeks ago, Keith Law ranked the Blue Jays minor league system as 19th best in baseball. Many of us felt he had them a bit low (67% in our poll).

Today Baseball Prospectus ranked the systems and put us as the 10th best system in the majors. I'd like to think that BP is right.

State of the System: Consistently known for having a deep arsenal of boom or bust prospects, the Blue Jays continue to impress the scouting community with high-ceiling talents that are beginning to reach the major-league level. Led by big-league ready prospects Aaron Sanchez, Daniel Norris, and Dalton Pompey, and the addition of first-rounder and potential front of the rotation arm Jeff Hoffman, the top of the Blue Jays system could offer some awe-inspiring talent. Coming behind that impressive group, Jays fans can look forward to the development of left-hander Jair Labourt, right-handers Miguel Castro, Roberto Osuna, and Alberto Tirado, and the wild card that is Anthony Alford. Even with the impending graduations of Sanchez, Norris, and Pompey, the Blue Jays still should have one of the top systems in the game.

I can see us dropping with the all the graduates coming this year. We are much deeper in pitching than bats, but if Alford makes quick progress, now that his focus is on baseball, and if Nay and Urena can take a step forward, we'll be a little more balanced in the future.

BP calls Lansing the must see affiliate.

BP rates the Red Sox 6th, Yankees 21st, Orioles 22nd and Rays 24th.

Also, Bovada has sent out early over/under win numbers for MLB teams. The Jays over/under is 82.5. I'll take the over.

Win Totals (From Highest to Lowest)

Los Angeles Dodgers 92½
Washington Nationals 92½
Los Angeles Angels 89½
St. Louis Cardinals 88½
Boston Red Sox 86½
Seattle Mariners 86½
San Diego Padres 85½
Detroit Tigers 84½
San Francisco Giants 84½
Cleveland Indians 83½
Pittsburgh Pirates 83½
Baltimore Orioles 82½
Chicago Cubs 82½
Toronto Blue Jays 82½
Chicago White Sox 81½
Miami Marlins 81½
New York Mets 81½
New York Yankees 81½
Oakland Athletics 80½
Kansas City Royals 79½
Milwaukee Brewers 78½
Tampa Bay Rays 78½
Cincinnati Reds 77½
Texas Rangers 77½
Houston Astros 74½
Atlanta Braves 73½
Arizona Diamondbacks 71½
Colorado Rockies 71½
Minnesota Twins 70½
Philadelphia Phillies 68½

And we are getting closer to baseball: