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Blue Jays prospect Max Pentecost hurt again

Max is the one sliding.
Max is the one sliding.
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Ben Nicholson-Smith tells us that Blue Jays catching prospect Max Pentecost has had shoulder surgery and he'll be unable to throw for 3 months, though he should be able to swing bat before then.

Dr. James Andrews performed the operation, a scope intended to clean out the shoulder joint of the top catching prospect's throwing arm. Pentecost previously had a shoulder cleanup after the 2014 season, but the operation didn't work as well as initially hoped.

It doesn't exactly full me with confidence that he's having the same surgery a second time so soon after the first one.

I really was hoping that Max would get a full season of baseball and move up a couple of spots on the Jays minor league ladder, but now I'll be happy if he just finishes the season healthy and shows he can stay healthy.

Max was number 5 on our prospects list. I'm already starting to worry that he'll be dropping a few spots on next year's list.