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Your quick guide to Blue Jays pitchers coming to spring training

A very quick look at the Blue Jays pitchers coming to spring training.

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Toronto Blue Jays pitchers and catchers are to report tomorrow (though many are already in Dunedin). It's been a long off-season, you may have forgotten about some of these guys.

40-man roster

Jayson Aquino: A left-handed pitcher the Jays picked up in trade from the Rockies, for Tyler Ybarra, just a couple of weeks ago. Looks to be minor league depth. Had a 5.13 ERA in 18 starts split between A and AA in the Rockies system last year.

Scott Barnes: Another left-hander, picked up off waivers from the Rangers, just before Christmas. He's pitched 27 major league innings. He gets strikeouts in the minors, 600 in 550 minor league innings. Depth for the bullpen, could get called up, at some point, if we need a lefty in the pen.

Mark Buehrle: Looking for his 15th straight 200 inning season. He was very good for the first three months of last year, had a bit of a slump and then finished strong.

Brett Cecil: Likely the favorite to be closer as we go into spring training. Has a great curveball.

Steve Delabar: Says he is pain free and looking to return to his All-Star form of 2013. If he does, our bullpen looks so much better.

R.A. Dickey: Looking for his 5th straight 200 inning season, which would be a big deal if he wasn't in a rotation with Buehrle. The big question of the spring is will they let Russell Martin catch him. I don't have a lot of faith in the patience of our decision makers. If Russell has one bad day with R.A. we'll be suffering through Thole again.

Kyle Drabek: Out of options, which gives him a shot at making the bullpen as a long man this spring. Also gives him a strong chance of being this year's Jeremy Jeffress, the pitcher than has a bad outing at the start of the season and then is DFAed before it is legal to bring up someone who is on the 40-man roster. It will be interesting to see if he can throw strikes this spring, his career 5.8 walks/9 innings seems to point to no. Is likely his last chance with the Jays.

Marco Estrada: Came over in the Adam Lind trade, which had many of us asking 'is that all we could get for Adam Lind?'  Might be the 5th starter, might be in the bullpen. Has been the most discussed Marco on the site since Scutaro. MjwW made the case against him to be a reliever here and then made the case for him to be a starter here and here.

Preston Guilmet: Another wavier pickup, this time from the Pirates. This time a right-handed one. He's pitched 15 MLB innings. Does have a lot of strikeouts in the minors, 390 in 360 innings. Also has 100 saves in the minors. He was a prospect for the Indians at one time. Scouting report says low 90's fastball, slider and split.

Liam Hendriks: You'll remember that he made 3 starts for the Jays last year, was traded to the Royals, with Erik Kratz, for Danny Valencia. And then traded back, at the end of October for Santiago Nessy.  If he makes any starts for us this year, something went seriously wrong.

Drew Hutchison: Had a pretty good season, considering he was coming back from Tommy John. Pitched 184.2 innings. He's the pick of many to have a 'breakout' year, hoping that Russell Martin will help him out and that another year removed from TJ won't hurt either.

Colt Hynes: Another left-handed waiver pickup. Has 17 MLB innings to his credit. I figured he was a DFA candidate, thinking he'd go when the team found someone they liked better. Hasn't happened yet.

Chad Jenkins: He did a pretty nice job, putting up a 2.56 ERA in the MLB, between trips back and forth to Buffalo. Still has options, so he will likely be making that drive a few more times this year.

Aaron Loup: The number 2 lefty out of our pen. The had his highest career ERA last year, at 3.15, he's been surprisingly good. Pitched in 71 games last year.

Daniel Norris: Traveling in a VW camper, getting mistaken for a homeless person and growing a very impressive beard, he's had an interesting off-season. He was also at the top of our prospect list. He has a shot at the 5th starter spot, which would allow the team to use Sanchez in the bullpen. He'd have to have a great spring, but that wouldn't surprise any of us.

Juan Pablo Oramas: Claimed off-waivers from the Padres, back in December. 24 year old, Mexican lefty. Again, gets strikeouts in the minors, 849 in 817 innings. Pitched well in the Mexican winter leagues, 3.00 ERA in 78 innings over 16 games, 15 starts. He had 78 strikeouts and 31 walks in those 78 innings.

Rob RasmussenOur number 1 prospect over 25. If the Jays go with 3 lefties on the pen, he'd be the pre-spring favorite for the role. He has a mid-90's fastball, which surprises me, I don't remember him throwing that hard. Has had some control issues. I'd imagine we'll see him in Toronto at some point this summer.

Todd Redmond: He was very good as a long man for the Jays last year. Then, when they figured he proved he deserved a bigger role, he had some troubles. Had a 3.24 ERA in 75 innings.

Aaron Sanchez: The question is will he be a starter or a reliever. It likely depends on others. If Norris or Estrada look like they can be the 5th starter, he'll be in the pen. It is a tough choice.

Bo Schultz: Another wavier claim, this time from the Diamondbacks, a right-hander this time. He has 8 innings of experience. Last year he had a 6.18 ERA, in 135 innings at Reno. Since Reno is in the Pacific Coast League, you can discount the ERA some, but he walked 46 (82 strikeouts) in 135 innings. There is a great story about him here.

Marcus StromanJust read this. No pressure though, Marcus.

Ryan Tepera: Had a good season in Buffalo, and was rewarded by being placed on the 40-man. In 64 relief innings, he had a 3.66 ERA, allowed 24 walks with 67 strikeouts. He's 27 now, but has pick up speed on his fastball, throwing mid-90's now. There are a lot of open spot in the pen, so it wouldn't be that big of a surprise that, if he had a great spring, he could make the team. But I think it would be more likely he would be a call up later.

Matt West: A wavier claim from the Rangers. Another hard throwing right-hander. Has 123 minor league strikeouts in 113 innings. He was drafted as a infielder, but moved to the mound in 2011. MjwW has more on him here. Again, there are open spots in the pen, he could win one.

Non-Roster invites:

Andrew Albers: A Canadian left-hander. Made 10 starts for the Twins in 2013, and wasn't bad, had a 4.05 ERA (3.96 FIP). In the grouping of 'throw them against the wall and see if one sticks. He isn't one of the hard throwers, he only hits high 80's with his fastball.

Greg Burke: 32 right-hander. He's had 77 MLB innings. Pitched for Colorado Springs last year, the 7.59 ERA doesn't impress, even for pitching in the PCL.

Cory Burns: 27 year old right-hander. 29 MLB innings. Low 90's fastball. Has 384 strikeouts in 328 minor league innings.

Miguel Castro: Alex mentioned him as someone we might see in the Jays bullpen sometime this year. He can hit 99 on the fastball, so you can see why. I'd rather he keep starting in the minors, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was a late season call up. Just turned 20 on Christmas Eve. He is number 8 on out prospect list.

Scot Copeland: 27 year old right-hander. He had a pretty good 2014 season, pitching in 31 games, 26 starts, mostly in New Hampshire, but making 4 starts for Buffalo. He had a 3.45 ERA in 164 innings, 55 walks and 105 strikeouts.

Jeff Francis: Canadian lefty. 34 years old. He has 217 career MLB starts, a 4.95 ERA. His hope is to pitch well in the minors and get a call up at some point.

Gregory Infante: He's on the list of Top 5 prospect over 25. A right-hander, he can throw upper 90's. Another one hopeful to look good this spring and get one of the open bullpen spots, but more likely to pitch in the minors, waiting for an opening.

Wilton Lopez: A 31 year old right-hander. Has 305 MLB innings of experiance and a 3.54 ERA with 221 strikeouts and 57 walks. He had 3 very good seasons as a reliever for the Astros, from 2010 to 2012, with ERAs ranging from 2.17 to 2.96. Wasn't as good as a Rockie over the last 2 seasons. Again, could see some time in the Jays pen if he shows well.

Roberto Osuna: Just getting the spring invite so he can see how the major leaguers live. Number 10 on our prospects list. Just 20, spent last year recovering from Tommy John.