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First pictures from Blue Jays spring training camp

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Some people say it's the first leaf, some people say it's the first birdsong, some (correct) people say it's the vernal equinox, but I say that spring begins when the first photos from Blue Jays spring training arrives in SB Nation's photo bank. And they did, last night, on the day pitchers and catchers reported to camp!

Notice: if you are a Blue Jays pitcher or catcher and you have not reported to Dunedin for spring training, report to detention once you arrive.

Blue Jays Links
  • Mark Buehrle is absent from the gallery because he ran off to watch the Daytona 500. Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail spoke with Buehrle, who basically admitted that last year's clubhouse was a mess. Not surprisingly, he is a fan of the new pace-of-game rules, but not the shrinking strike zone.
  • Brett Cecil tells John Lott (I think) why he thinks he has proved that he can be a major league closer:

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