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Brett Cecil out due to yet another kitchen incident, Dioner Navarro continues to seek a trade

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Missing from the Blue Jays' first official workout today was closer apparent Brett Cecil, who has been "throwing up all over the place", according to a rather graphic manager John Gibbons (via Barry Davis).

Cecil, who probably ate something bad and is experiencing food poisoning, has had more than a fair share of kitchen incidents that have caused him to miss baseball. In 2010 he cut his thumb while slicing chicken breasts and 2011 he got hurt his finger again as he was cleaning a blender.

Catching Situation

While Josh Thole was shown playing catch with R.A. Dickey yesterday and catching Dickey's bullpens today, Gibbons will be giving Russell Martin opportunities to receive the knuckleball this spring.

Dioner Navarro is obviously still unhappy with his situation, and is looking for a new home where he can play everyday (although I don't know if he'll find somewhere in the majors other than perhaps with the Diamondbacks and Rangers). In fact, he asked the Blue Jays for a trade the day they signed Russell Martin. Navarro says he didn't know what went wrong in 2014 that caused Toronto to look at Martin, so Gideon Turk responded:

In other news, John Gibbons told Shi Davidi that Edwin Encarnacion will be his first baseman this year, with the designated hitter role rotating between a combination of Justin Smoak, Dioner Navarro, Danny Valencia, as well as Encarnacion on occasion. Also, check back in mid-March to see if a decision has been made on Aaron Sanchez's role, as that's the time Gibbons has set for the club to decide on it.

In other other news, Munenori Kawasaki has arrived in camp and is wearing a Japanese-style headband that says "神風", or transliterated, "kamikaze".

Perhaps I am over-sensitive, but with so much bad historical baggage behind that word, I don't think it is the wisest thing to wear.