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Adam Lind rips the Blue Jays medical staff

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Lind continues to be the gift that keeps giving, at least to us bloggers. We discussed his interview with Bob Elliott this morning. This afternoon there is a piece in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about Lind where he appears to suggest there is a problem with the Blue Jays doctors.

He takes two separate shots at the Jays doctors/training staff:

"I had a back (injury), which had been the problem for four years," he said. "I'm on a constant cycle of trying to stay one step ahead of that. Then I had a broken foot and continued to play on it. I don't know if they really tried to find it."

Insert your own socialized medicine joke here.

There were some suggestion at the time that it took too long to find the break. I don't know, maybe there is a point there. Maybe the Jays should take a look at what they do with injured players and see if things can be improved. You would think their training staff should be able to tell if a player has a broken bone in his foot.

And then:"I feel great," said the 6-foot-2, 195-pound Lind, a career .273 hitter. "Getting away from Toronto kind of allowed me to pick my physical therapists and doctors I wanted to work with over the off-season, and I think it was a nice change just to get a different set of eyes on me.

"I took a more comprehensive approach and tried to use my body as a whole and not just treat my back. There's reasons why my back would hurt, and I think we started to discover some of those reasons and have made my body better as a whole instead of just trying to treat my disc issue."

I don't really buy this one. I can't believe that the Jays would be telling him not to workout his whole body.

He also suggested his back will be better playing on natural grass compared to the turf at Rogers Centre, which makes some sense. And there is a quote from Brewers manager that Lind will bat against lefties, until proves he can't, which he proved long ago.

In other news, Josh Hamilton is "meeting with MLB" about a disciplinary matter. It isn't PED's:

It doesn't sound good.

And speaking of former Jays, want a Butterfield bobblehead?


Yeah, I still hate seeing him in that uniform.