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Thursday Morning Sporcle: 35+ home run Blue Jays

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Ashbourne's posts about the best homers from Edwin Encarnacion (link), Jose Bautista (link), and Josh Donaldson (link), has got me thinking about dingers. So this week's Sporcle quiz will ask you to name all the Blue Jays who have hit 35 or more home runs in a single season. This shouldn't be too hard. If you can't get an answer, use your mouse to click the next box to skip ahead.

Show off your score in the comments below. When discussing possible answers be sure to black them out with the "Spoiler Text" function (click the rightmost icon between "Message" and the text box in the comments, or hit Ctrl-F when typing). All comments with an answer without the spoiler box will be hidden by a moderator.

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