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Blue Jays sign Dayan Viciedo to minor league contract

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays have signed Dayan Viciedo to a minor league contract. Dayan will fight for the 25th man on the roster spot. Minor Leaguer shared some of Dayan's better moments with the glove back here. I think the Jays are more interested in his bat. Career he has a .254/.298/.424 line with 66 home runs in 473 games, all with the White Sox. Last year he hit .231/.281/.405.

He's 25, a right-handed batter, born in Cuba. He'd be a good pinch hitter off the bench, I hope we won't see him in the outfield much. As a pinch-hitter/sometimes DH I would be ok with him making the team, if they have room for 2 extra outfielders. I guess that depend on if the team decides Russell Martin can catch R.A. Dickey. If they have to carry 3 catchers, I can't see any way Dayan make the team. Of course, it is more than possible that Saunders will start the season on the DL.