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History repeating itself: Shields is this year's Santana

Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

One year ago today we had this:

We remember how that turned out.

This year we have the same story with James Shields. His price has come down. Everyone speculates (or hopes) that the price has dropped to where the Jays could talk themselves into signing him. I'd love to believe it will happen but it is a long shot, though Brendan Kennedy wonders if the Jays can afford not to sign him. If the Jays start passing the hat to sign him I'm quitting.

The rumor on Shields says that he will decide where he is signing by the end of the week. This MLB Trade Rumors story tells us that the Royals, Yankees and Red Sox aren't in on him and that he would prefer a team on the west coast. It also says that the Marlins are talking to him.

I have no Idea who he will end up with. The Jays would only be in if they could get him to sign a backloaded deal of some sort. I really don't see it happening but the Jays really could use something to get us fans excited. Or maybe it's just me that needs something.

Give us your guess on where he will end up and how much money he will get.