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State of the Franchise thread

The Blue Jays 'State of the Franchise' will be streamed at at 6:30. If you are watching and you want an audience for your witty comments about Buck Martinez' skill as an interviewer, as he tosses out the carefully vetted questions from the audience, this is the place. And you can help us watch for Minor Leaguer in the stands. I think the best part is we get to see the new turf.

In pre-event talks with the media, Alex has said:

  • They are still looking for improvements for the bullpen, though he is thinking that the closer job will be handled by Cecil or Sanchez, but they would like to add 'depth'.
  • And they figure on going into the season with the second basemen that the have now. It looks to be a spring battle of Izturis, Travis, Goins, Tolleson, Kawasaki and Ramon Santiago. I'm not a big fan of using spring training to figure who is going to play. If 60 at bats, in fake games, is how you make choices, then you are doing something wrong.

While waiting, you could go over to where they are grading the AL team's off-season. The Jays get a C+. The Rays and Yankees get B's. Red Sox C-. Orioles D-.