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Notes from the Blue Jays State of the Franchise

A quick recap of tonight's event.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Some quick notes from the Blue Jays State of the Franchise.

  • In Paul Beeston's opening remarks, he said he was definitely leaving after the season and  said he'd go out a winner.
  • There was a talk from Stephen R. Brooks about the digital ticketing. He said that people that want a paper ticket, for souvenir reasons, will be able to get one.
  • Buck Martinez said the team will be running a fantasy camp in Dunedin.
  • John Gibbons: "It's a better team than it was last year."
  • Alex Anthopoulos: "I'm not worried about the 9th inning" with the bullpen.  He would like some more depth, but he figures the closer is on the roster now.
  • Gibby: "Russell is going to get an opportunity" to catch Dickey.
  • Beeston: "We have grass in mind" for Rogers Centre.
  • Beeston: "There is a question about air currents" which are needed to grow grass.
  • Beeston announced they have signed a contract with the University of Guelph to study the idea of grass.
  • Alex: "We have a strong desire" keep Bautista and Encarnacion "for life". Alex did make it clear that he would like to extend them beyond their current contracts and keep them with the team.
  • Gibby: asked about whether Aaron Sanchez would start or relieve: "I want to see Sanchez as a starter". "He could be a great starter." "We'll have to see how things turn out in spring training."
  • Beeston: "Payroll is definitely going up." "I'm satisfied that we have the resources needed". He did leave open the idea that they might hold back some money to make additions throughout the season.
  • Gibby: Izturis, Goins, Tolleson, Travis and Kawasaki in the fight for second base in spring. When they put up a graphic with a 'projected batting order', Ryan Goins name was listed at second base, batting 9th.
  • Gibby: 'Izturis is in the best shape of his life.'
  • Alex: Asked when the deal to retain Melky 'turned sour'. 'We talked in August. We talked to him during the off-season. We thought Martin was a better fit.' "We loved him (Melky)". But that when they found they could deal for Saunders, that ended thoughts of keeping Melky.
  • Paul: Asked if the Jays will be moving their spring home: "We hope we are staying in Dunedin." "We've been there since 1977." "The goal is to get a new facility, a new stadium."
  • Gibby wants Shields. He teased Alex about it a couple of times.
  • Gibby talked about Dioner Navarro playing DH.
  • Alex compared Norris with Matt Harvey. 'Norris will be in the rotation at some point this year.' He said that the bone chips that he had removed after the season, caused him to not show what he could really do, when he was up with the team at the end of last season.
  • Beeston: We'll have an All-Star game here "sooner rather than later." They are getting a proposal to host it ready for MLB right now.
  • Beeston, in his closing comments said 'We are going to dedicate 2015 to winning.'