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Blue Jays injury news: Edwin Encarnacion out with 'back pain'

Spring is the time for injury news. This time it is Edwin Encarnacion and Dioner Navarro who will be missing a few games.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Edwin Encarnacion is going to miss a few games with a sore back. He had an MRI:

It's good that it is nothing serious and good that it is in March, not the middle of the season. What is it with first basemen and back pain? Adam Lind is out with a bad back too, leaving the Brewers scrambling to find someone else to play first, though, you would think that if you are planning to use Lind at first, you would have a backup plan ready.

It seems like karma is punishing Adam for complaining about the Blue Jays medical staff.

I hope Edwin isn't out any longer than a week or so, he seems to be one that needs a little while to get his timing down at the start of a season.

And Dioner Navarro will be out for a couple of days too:

Right after Bob Elliot wrote about the Tigers and the Diamondbacks having interest in trading for him. If Dioner wants to be traded, he's going to have to show better defense. He's had an error on a throw, a passed ball and had a player steal third because he lobbed a throw back to the pitcher.

It isn't all bad news on the Blue Jays injury front:

I sounds like Saunders could be back soon after the start of the season.

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And, if you were wondering about today's lineup, here it is: