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Blue Jays announce Marcus Stroman has a torn ACL

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Stroman has a torn ACL in his left knee and is likely out for the 2015 season, Alex Anthopoulos has announced to the media.

That's the news at the moment. We'll add to this as we learn more.

He's done for the season. It happened during pitcher fielding practice during bunt practice. A freak injury.

It opens the door for Aaron Sanchez and Daniel Norris to maybe make the rotation.

Very bad news.

Stroman walked into camp with the appearance of the happiest guy in camp, and as recently as yesterday was still having a lot of fun, taking this picture with Mark Buehrle.

After the freak accident, Stroman was "crushed," according to Anthopoulos. If we as fans feel like we were punched in the chest, can you imagine how a player feels to hear that he won't be able to play for an entire season, a season in which he was supposed to break out?

Here is Stroman's own words:

Alex Anthopoulos is saying that the team will be looking internally to replace him. The first three mentioned were Aaron Sanchez, Daniel Norris and Marco Estrada

UPDATE: Blame Josh Donaldson