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Thursday Morning Sporcle: Real and Fake Blue Jays Minor Leaguers

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

I am a real fake. I mean, I am really Minor Leaguer but I'm a fake minor leaguer as I have never played a single game in professional baseball. This morning our Sporcle quiz is not about me, but it is about minor leaguers who were in the Blue Jays system in 2014.

We have a new kind of Sporcle quiz today: instead of typing in your answers you can give your keyboarding fingers a rest and pick up your mouse (or use your fingers on a touch device) instead. After you click the green "Play" button, you will see 50 names appear in the box. your task is to click on the 30 names that belong to a player who played at least one minor league game in the Blue Jays farm system in the 2014 season. If you click one of the 20 names who didn't do that, you get a strike. Six strikes (I'm nice) and you're out. Work quick: you only have four minutes to complete this quiz!

Show off your score in the comments below. When discussing possible answers be sure to black them out with the "Spoiler Text" function (click the rightmost icon between "Message" and the text box in the comments, or hit Ctrl-F when typing). All comments with an answer without the spoiler box will be hidden by a moderator.

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