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GameThread for Blue Jays @ Rays

Miguel Castro
Miguel Castro
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays travel to Port Charotte to play the Rays today.

I'm lazy, I'm not going to type in the lineups, Mike Wilner posted a picture of the lineups, let's use that.


A few of the regulars took the trip. I get the feeling Devon Travis is going to get a lot of work, over the next couple of weeks. I think the Jays would like him to win the job, and will give him every chance. It looks like his defense would be ok, not sure that he'd hit much yet. The Jays pretty much know what they would get from Izturis.

The other battle that is playing out and on display today is the at first base. Justin Smoak and Daric Barton are both in the lineup. They are battling hard for that spot, Barton is 1 for 14 and Smoak is 0 for 16 this spring.

The game isn't on TV but we can listen to Wilner and Siddall on MLB Audio. Or  you could watch Will Ferrell play for 10 different teams today. I'll admit I'm not a big fan of making fun of the games.