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Surprisingly enough, the Blue Jays don't lead the league in Tommy John surgeries

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I wanted to call your attention to this great post from Brew Crew Ball, SB Nation's Milwaukee Brewers blog. In it they compare MLB franchises in number of Tommy John surgeries their players have had to undergo since 2005. The Brewers, including their minor leaguers, have had 12 players have Tommy John (second lowest in baseball and just 2 of their major leaguers have needed it).

The Jays, surprisingly, aren't at the bottom of the list. They've had 21 players (20 pitchers + A.J. Jimenez) go under the knife, for that procedure, 6 of them major league pitchers. The team that is putting the most money into Dr. Andrew's pocket is the Dodgers, with 30 players elbows being put back together, 14 of them major leaguers.

Why don't I just steal their table (their lawyers are our lawyers, suing us would be just too confusing).

Team Pitcher Tommy Johns since '05 # of those from Major League Players
Giants 11 3
Brewers 12 2
Mariners 12 6
Astros 13 7
White Sox 13 4
Nationals 14 6
Indians 14 6
Rays 14 3
Rockies 15 5
Cubs 16 3
Marlins 16 8
Orioles 16 5
Cardinals 17 7
Diamondbacks 17 7
Yankees 17 4
Angels 18 5
Royals 18 9
Reds 19 7
Phillies 19 7
Tigers 19 5
Pirates 20 4
Padres 20 7
Jays 21 6
Twins 22 5
Red Sox 22 7
Athletics 23 12
Mets 24 12
Dodgers 24 8
Rangers 28 10
Braves 30 14

Actually, the numbers come from Jon Roegele's spreadsheet of organizational Tommy John surgeries, if you want to see the spreadsheet, hit the link.

So it could be worse, but I would think that the Jays, and most other teams, should check into what the Brewers and Giants are doing, as far as what their trainers are doing with the pitchers.

There are 14 teams who have had more of their major league pitchers undergo Tommy John and 7 teams have had more players in their system need it.

I don't know what the teams at the top of the list are doing right, or if it is just random chance that causes some teams to need it done more often than others, if I was towards the bottom of the list, I would be looking at what the teams near the top are doing.