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GameThread: Blue Jays @ Rays

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Very few of the regulars made the trip to Charlotte Sports Park to play the Rays. It is a bit of a bus ride, 100 miles, in Florida traffic. As much as it is pretty driving down the coast, I don't think the players would enjoy the trip as much as I would.

Hearing how Daniel Norris does will be about the only interesting thing about this one. I'd also like Justin Smoak to make some solid contact with some pitches. We could have a pool on how many plate appearances it will take before Ezequiel (spelled wrong on the white board) gets his first spring hit. He's at 31 PA now.

Let's save time with the lineups.


You guys know the rules by now, and since the game is free on MLB Audio we don't have to talk about illegal streams.

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