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Blue Jays @ Twins - Spring GameThread - Marco Estrada still out with ankle problem

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After a day off the Blue Jays are headed down to Fort Myers to play the Twins, who just bought out Brian Dozier's arbitration years by signing him to a four-year $20 million contract extension. Marco Estrada was scheduled to start the game today, but according to Brendan Kennedy, his start has been pushed back once again to Saturday due to his sore ankle that he suffered during fielding practice before last Sunday's game.

Starting in place for Estrada is Todd Redmond, who was scheduled for a few innings today anyway. Kennedy lays out the pitching schedule for the next few days, which hints that Miguel Castro is a candidate to be brought to Toronto as a reliever at the end of camp. Daniel Norris was previously scheduled to start in a minor league game tomorrow with Aaron Sanchez starting the big league game.

Today's lineup, which (strangely for a road game two hours away) features pretty much all the healthy regulars, is brought to us by Barry Davis.

Davis also tells us that Edwin Encarnacion will get some spring action today along during a minor league game alongside Brett Cecil and Michael Saunders (don't know if a ghost runner will be used for him):

I've only been to Fort Myers briefly during an unplanned stopover in a flight from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale a couple years ago. There was a huge storm above Fort Lauderdale so after about 30 minutes of circling around, we diverted across the state and landed at the Fort Myers airport for refueling and to wait for the storm to pass. Unfortunately, unlike every other plane that got to dock and let their passengers out, we were stuck inside our plane because at the time, Fort Myers' airport was under construction so they had no customs or immigrations facilities to clear our plane, which made no sense because we had already pre-cleared at Pearson. Anyway we were there for three hours inside a very hot and humid plane so I hate Fort Myers.


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