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Wednesday Bantering: Roster News

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Lot's of little bits of roster news this morning:

  • The Jays cast out Chad Jenkins and Bo Schultz to the minors. Chad's had a tough spring. Bo, on the other hand, has allowed just 1 hit in 8 innings of work. He may have moved himself up the chart for when we need a call up for the bullpen this season.
  • Kevin Pillar is in today's lineup, which is very good news.
  • Edwin Encarnacion will play in a minor league game, for the second day in a row. He'll be in a major league spring game before the weekend.
  • Michael Saunders hit a home run in a minor league game yesterday, but still isn't running the bases. I very much doubt he'll start the season with the Jays.

And Jeff Blair reported that there is a disagreement between Alex Anthopoulos and John Gibbons on whether Josh Thole should go north with the team. Blair says that Gibbons feelings Russell Martin will need 30 games to sit out and rest anyway, so why not have Thole catch Dickey. It does make some sense, other than I don't want them carrying 3 catchers. While, again according to Blair, Alex would rather go with Dioner Navarro as the backup catcher and have Thole in the minors. Personally, I could see using Navarro as the personal catcher for Mark Buehrle. The two seemed to work well together last year, and I really don't want to see the team carry three catchers.

I'd want to see Navarro catch in more spring games before I made that decision. He's had sore knees this spring and he looks some heavier than last year, so he'd have to prove to me that he can catch. And, if the Jays manage to trade him, this all becomes a moot point.

John Lott tells us that Gibby denies that there is a difference of opinion, while still saying that he would like Thole on the roster.

Our friends at Fake Teams list their Blue Jays top 10 Fantasy prospects.

Today's lineup (not many regulars, but Daniel Norris is starting so there is a reason to watch on