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GameThread: Jays @ Orioles

Looks like a beautiful day in Sarasota.
Looks like a beautiful day in Sarasota.
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Jays bus to Sarasota to play the Orioles. Well, the Jays that couldn't talk their way out of busing to Sarasota are playing the Orioles.

The good news? Kevin Pillar is back in the lineup. I'm hoping he isn't allergic to anything in the Sarasota area.

Daniel Norris and Devon Travis are the two I'm interested to watch today, glad the game is on, but I figure I'll likely zone out after both are removed from the game. Pillar...I'm just hoping he doesn't reinjure himself. It would be nice if Justin Smoak could get a couple of hits and make us feel better about the idea of him playing first this year.


Travis, 2B Cabrera, 2B
Tolleson, 3B Machado, SS
Pillar, CF Pearce, 1B
Valencia, 1B Jones, CF
Viciedo, LF Young, RF
Smoak, DH Hardy, SS
Gindl, RF Reimold, LF
Thole, C Paredes, DH
Gions, SS Joseph, C
Norris, P Chen, P

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